History of Norman Clinic, Inc.

Harold Belknap, Jr, M.D.The group of physicians now known as Norman Clinic, Inc. was established in 1971 by the late internist Harold (Hal) Belknap, Jr. In 1985, another internist, Thomas Merrill, joined the practice which during the 70’s and 80’s was known as Internal Medicine Associates.

In 1992, Jeffrey Crook, a cardiologist, joined the practice and the group incorporated, becoming known by its current name, Norman Clinic, Inc.

New doctors to join the practice in the summer of 1995 included Paul Plusquellec, Jr, and John Krodel, both internists, and Michael Sellers, who joined Dr. Crook in Cardiology. In 1996, Family Practice physicians David Clemens, Stephen Connery, and Stephen Lindsey joined the group, and two years later Christian Sieck became part of their team.

The internists were joined, in 2001, by Rene Ballard. The Family Practice team welcomed Brian Yeaman in 2005, and most recently, in 2006, Paul Ayers joined Drs. Crook and Sellers in Cardiology, while Kelly Van Davis joined Drs. Ballard, Belknap, Krodel, Merrill, and Plusquellec in the practice of Internal Medicine.

Jonathan Bryan joined the Internal Medicine practice in 2009. James K. Blomgren joined the Family Practice group in 2010, with Kelley M. Lobb joining in 2011.

Also joining the Family Practice group was Michelle D. Barnes in 2013 and Justin E. Fields in 2015